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Latest Releases for July 2022

20mm WW2


ING100 1940’s German Infantry, advancing

ING101 1940’s German Infantry, prone

ING102 1940’s German 8cm Mortars and crew

ING103 1940’s German Infantry command

ING104 1940’s German HMG Section

ING105 1940 German PzB39 A/T Rifle


INB100 BEF Infantry, advancing

INB101 BEF Infantry, prone

INB102 BEF Infantry command

INB103 BEF 3 inch mortar team

INB104 BEF support weapons

18mm Napoleonics

1812-15 Russians in greatcoats:

R27 Musketeer in greatcoats marching

R28 Musketeer in greatcoats firing and loading

R29 Musketeer drummer in greatcoat

R30 Musketeer standard bearer in greatcoat

R31 Grenadier in greatcoat marching

R32 Grenadier in greatcoat firing and loading

R33 Grenadier drummer in greatcoat

R34 Grenadier standard bearer in greatcoat

R35 Officer in greatcoat

R36 Mounted Officer in greatcoat

RO1 Musketeer/Jager, march attack (remastered)

Prussians 1813-15

PR06a Prussian Grenadiers marching

PR11 Jager/Fusilier Bugler (new variant)

Revolutionary War French Cavalry

RF01 Heavy Cavalerie

RF02 Heavy Cavalerie Officer

RF03 Heavy Cavalerie Trumpeter

RF04 Heavy Cavalerie Standard

Austrian 1798-1815 (all remasters and new variants)

KK18 Hungarian fusilier, shako, marching, shoulder arms

KK42 Mounted officer, cocked hat

KK43 Mounted officer, helmet

Imperial French 1806-15 (new variants)

IF18 Mounted officer

Brunswick (remastered)

BWK11 Line Ensign, Waterloo

Eureka Shop Opening Hours 2022

Our shop retail opening dates are as following:


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The Life of Lead

The Life of Lead

We are often asked "What do you do all day, when you’re not packing my order?" Well now you can see!

The Life Of Lead, a documentary on a day in the life at Eureka, directed by the very talented Kurt Lowden is available to view on YouTube, just follow this link. 

YouTube - The Life of LEad

If you like what you see, Kurt, who is at film school, would love your feedback on his production.