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3 articles

  • Converting Jena Prussians into Spanish Hussars
    Published : 06/28/2015 16:25:26 | Categories : Articles

    How I used Eureka 1806 Saxon Hussars converted from AB Jena Prussian Hussars for Spanish Hussars...

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  • A bit about Tony
    Published : 02/15/2015 16:39:41 | 4 comments | Categories : Articles , News

    Tony Barton talks about his introduction to miniature figure making and the paths he has taken ever since.

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  • Painting Small Figures
    Published : 10/18/2014 09:44:14 | 3 comments | Categories : Articles

    For what it’s worth, here are my ideas on painting small figures. Since I started making figures professionally back in about 1984, I tried to paint one of every figure in my catalogue, and keep them

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