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Painting AB Figures

Published : 12/30/2019 16:51:59
Categories : Painting Guides

Painting the figures of Tony Barton does not need to be challenging. In fact, by following a few simple rules, it can be one of the most rewarding aspects of collecting figures created with an attention to detail few others rival. 

In a series of step by step guides we will go over how to achieve results that can be used on those special figures in your collection. Or if you are man or woman who needs to lavish detail on all your troops - these steps are just as useful.

Using six figures from the AB Figures’ Revolutionary War Austrian 1792-98 we will go over how to paint the most common colours you will find on Revolutionary and Napoleonic Figures.

Tips #1 Polished Steel

Tips #2 Undyed Wool

Tips #3 Caucasian Flesh

More articles will follow soon.

Paints Used

You can find all the paints I have used at Eureka Miniatures (and soon to be here at AB Figures too). For Vallejo Model Air paints, check with Eureka Miniatures for availability.

Polished Steel

Paint NameRangeProduct CodeAlternative Colour
SteelVallejo Model Air72.072VGC Mithril Silver
Gun Metal GreyVallejo Model Air72.065VGC Gunmetal
Deep Sky BlueVallejo Model Colour70.844
Black GlazeVallejo Model Colour70.855

Undyed Wool

Paint NameRangeProduct Code
Off WhiteVallejo Model Colour70.820
Pale SandVallejo Model Colour70.837
Brown GlazeVallejo Model Colour70.854
Black GlazeVallejo Model Colour70.855

Caucasian Flesh

Paint NameRangeProduct Code
Beige BrownVallejo Model Colour70.875
Beige RedVallejo Model Colour70.804
Flat FleshVallejo Model Colour70.955
IvoryVallejo Model Colour70.918
Burnt UmberVallejo Model Colour70.941
Cavalry BrownVallejo Model Colour70.982
VioletVallejo Model Colour70.960

Mixing the Paints

All the paints I use are mixed to a 1:1 consistency with water (except for metallics - use as is), which has a hint of dishwashing liquid in it. The dishwashing liquid acts as a flow improver. Alternatively you can use Vallejo Model Colour’s Glaze Medium. This is a very handy technical paint you can source from Eureka Miniatures. It allows gradual transitions between layers and it has a longer working time. Other technical mediums you can try are: Liquitex acrylic mediums and Winsor and Newton flow improver. All work well.

That is it for now! So get conscripting, rustle up some unmarried rural labourers and underemployed apprentices and fill out your Austrian Battalions for the next war against France.

Author's Note

Keep your eyes peeled for more tips and tricks for painting small scale figures. And if you are on Facebook head on over to Double Eagle Painting for more AB Figure goodness.

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